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Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty

Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty
Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty
Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty

Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty    Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty

Please note that these items have been opened but never used. If you want an extremely small, feather-weight wireless microphone system that delivers broadcast-quality sound to use with cameras and mobile devices, with the ability to handle two wireless transmitters so you can put mics on two separate people, nothing is capable of doing this except for the.

It comes with two clip-on wireless transmitters that have built-in mics, two professional. Microphones, and a dual-channel receiver that mounts to the shoe of your camera. You can put mics on two separate people, and it will work perfectly with the included. The Blink 500 B2 is impossibly compact and lightweight, yet it delivers crystal-clear professional sound quality. The versatile transmitters feature excellent sounding built-in microphones that capture voices perfectly.

Small enough to clip to a shirt or slide into a pocket and versatile enough to set on a table or podium, or even used handheld. They also operate as traditional. Transmitters with the included SR-M1 professional omnidirectional clip-on. Microphones, providing even more professional and inconspicuous miking solutions.

So advanced it's effortless. Some wireless microphone systems are complicated to operate and require detailed knowledge of their menus and settings, but the Blink 500 B2 is so technically advanced that it couldn't be easier to use. You just turn it on, and it works. But behind the scenes the Blink 500 is doing a lot to ensure excellent performance. It operates on the interference-free 2.4GHz spectrum, and automatically hops channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts.

Pairing the transmitters with the receiver is simple, and all of the complicated aspects of using wireless microphones happen seamlessly in the background, letting you concentrate on storytelling and getting a great shot. One of the tricky aspects of capturing sound for video is controlling the audio levels.

Some people speak very loudly, while others speak very softly. That's why Blink 500 transmitters have easy-to-use gain buttons to raise or lower the levels at the touch of a button, and intelligent LED displays that show you where they're set. The internal Lithium batteries get 5 hours of life from a charge with the included charging cables, and the. Ports can be used to power or recharge the units in the field with portable. The 10-milliwatt power of the transmitters gives you an impressive range of 98 feet (30 meters) with obstacles, and 164 feet (50 meters) in open spaces.

Loves cameras & mobile devices equally. Output cables are included so the system will work perfectly with. And other kinds of cameras, as well as smartphones and tablets that have headphone jacks. The output of the receiver provides a strong, noise-free level, so when you plug it in you can adjust the input level of your camera to its lowest setting to avoid hearing the noisy preamp of your camera. Portable, compact wireless microphone systems are completely essential tools for anyone who shoots video, and the fact that the Blink 500 is one of the smallest and most lightweight systems you can get yet it still delivers professional quality sound makes it ideal for filmmakers, journalists. YouTube creators, corporate video producers, or any content creator that needs an incredibly easy-to-use 2-person wireless system that won't slow them down.

It's small enough to tuck away into any camera bag, backpack or even your pocket, so you can effortlessly bring it with you everywhere you go. Plus, the Blink 500 series is an evolving system of products that will soon be expanding, giving users even more options and versatility. Oscillator Type: Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying.

RF Frequency Band: 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. RF Output Power: 10 mW. Signal to Noise Ratio: =70dB.

Reference Audio Input Level: -30 to -42dBv (Microphone Input, 0 dB Attenuation). Audio Gain Control: 11dB, 18dB, 25dB. Digital Resolution: 24-bit / 48kHz.

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 16kHz. Max Operating Range: 98.4' (30m) with Obstacles, 164' (50m) in Open Area.

Max Number of Simultaneous Systems: 18 (up to 36 Microphones). Buttons: On / Off / Pair, Volume Up, Volume Down. Battery: Built-in Li-ion 3.7V / 400mAh. Type-C (1.5 hours to be fully charged).

Input: 1/8'' (3.5mm) Microphone Input. Indicates Power and Audio Level, 1 x Red LED: Indicates Low Battery Level, 1 x Green LED: Flashing when Charging / Off when Charge Finished.

Microphone Frequency Range: 50Hz-18KHz Built-In Microphone and External. Microphone Equivalent Noise Level: >58dB Built-In Microphone and External. 120dB (Built-In Microphone), 110dB External. Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.7 x. 65 (63 x 43 x 16.5mm).

Weight: 1.2 oz (34g). Oscillator type: Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying. Buttons: On / Off / Pair. Output: 1/8' 3.5mm Jack (Headphone Compatible). Flashing quickly: Paring, Flashing: Not Paired with any TX, Solid Blue: Paired with TX.

Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.3 x. 61 (62 x 33 x 15mm). Weight: 1.09 oz (31g). 2 x Blink 500 TX Transmitter with Built-In Microphone and Clip. 1 x Blink 500 RX Receiver with Built-In Clip and Camera Shoe-Mount.

1 x 1' (30.5 cm) Gold-Plated 3.5mm. Output Cable for Smartphones and Tablets. 3 x 1' (30.5 cm) Gold-Plated.

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  1. Brand: Saramonic
  2. Form Factor: Lavalier/Lapel
  3. Unit Type: Unit
  4. Custom Bundle: No
  5. Connectivity: Wireless
  6. MPN: Blink 500 B2-BStock
  7. Unit Quantity: 1
  8. EAN: DoesNotApply

Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty    Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Clip-On Mic System inc Warranty